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SHOWS Year of the Dragon,An Ounce of Power
Andrew Barksdale, aka DROID, is an artist currently residing in Portland, OR specializing in screen printing. With roots on the East Coast, he has completed a manifest destiny of sorts by slowly migrating across the U.S. (including a stint overseas in the U.K.) to end up in his current location. Influenced heavily by rock and roll music, skateboarding, and anything weird, his posters have been featured in shows across the U.S. and Europe.
SHOWS Digital Soul,Year of the Dragon
Baku Maeda was Born in Sapporo Japan, began his career as a web designer and became independent in 2005. He works various styles such as realistic painting, vector illustration and 3-D figures. He also works as an art director for various projects and ad agencies. He has been apart of group shows in London and Taiwan as well as various live paintings worldwide. IDN’s 15th anniversary issue Baku Maeda was chosen as one of the best Asian illustrator. His current works are fully influenced by his hometown Sapporo, being full of nature, animals and plants.
SHOWS Year of the Dragon
I was born on the 69th day of 1969 in Portland, Oregon and grew up 25 miles West in the small rural town of Mountaindale. From 1989-2006 I worked at Will Vinton Studios, Flying Rhinoceros, Eichinger Sculpture Studio, and Bent Image as a Sculptor, Animator, Illustrator and Art Director.I was also a Clean-Up Animator on Beauty and the Beast (1991), Mulan (1996) and Brother Bear (2002) working for Disney Feature Animation in Florida. My current gig has been working for Laika on Films such as Coraline (2009), Para Norman (2012) and our currant Film Here Be Monsters (2014) as a Sculptor and Development Artist.. One weird fact about me is I’m currently the #6 Ms.Pac-Man (turbo speed) record holder (562,520 points).
SHOWS Year of the Dragon
When Ben was a tike of 5 years, he was mesmerized by thedesign rich cartoons of Warner Brothers, UPA's "Mr. Magoo", "Schoolhouse Rock"< "The Peanuts" specials, and Disney. He told his father that one day he wanted to "make cartoons". Ben has made a childhood dream come true working in the animation field. His career has taken him from the busy streets of New York working at Nickelodeon to sunny Los Angeles. Here he worked as a designer on "The Mr. Men Show", which aired on Cartoon Network. He currently lives in the western wilds of Portland, Oregon where he owns his own studio, directing, designing, painting and animating.
SHOWS Dangerous Curves,Year of the Dragon
Dennis "Bagger43" Brown, born in the Philippines and raised in Japan, now resides in San Francisco. He draws inspiration from other artists & people, photography, design, fashion, 80’s cartoons, Japanese culture, materials, music, and irony.
SHOWS Nike Graphic Studio Art Show,Blazer Mania 2,Year of the Dragon,Lazerz!
Born as a Kiwi, grew up in LA, relocated to Portland, design for Nike, burn toast for life.
SHOWS The Doodling Show,Year of the Dragon,An Ounce of Power
Jennifer Parks is a comic artist, illustrator, and Co-member of the Pony Club Gallery. Her world is filled with ghosts, charcoal, and ornamental gatherings. Her work without compromise tells the tale of that world in intensely rendered darkness. Jennifer was most recently featured in the comic anthology Study Group 12 with a tale of spirits that lurk someplace between your dreams and your window.
SHOWS Year of the Dragon
Keith was born in 1978 in Tacoma, WA. He went to Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. He received his BA in Fine Art. He later went to Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. He left a year before completion of his BFA to accept a job at Seattle design firm Ames Bros. He worked there for 2 years. He currently lives in Portland, OR. He spends most of his time painting pictures of animals and people.
SHOWS Year of the Dragon
mark smith product of the don & margit. spoke german first. cam & hools. cordoroy suits. loud guitars. eagle scout. 6b & rapidographs. tea with havasupai natives. flipflops. via de la valle surf. all in the eyes. the beatles. constant commentary from back of class. clay. acrylic. sculpey. multiple personalities. ozzy. monty python. froud & frazetta. bill hicks. carlin. fly, breast, back and free. bad tv. good movies. capote. buckminster fuller. samoyeds. england, germany, tallahassee, davis, denton, san diego, pasadena, portland. sneakers & tees. bass & keys. val, hayden & serena. retievers & rottweilers + a frenchy. clowns. old cars. drums. just visiting your planet. epitath will snicker, “i knew this would happen...”
SHOWS Year of the Dragon
Born in 1968 in Yokohama, Mr. Kaneko graduated from the Kuwasawa Design Institute with a degree in Illustration. He began working freelance in 1992 and in 1994 began working mainly with ASCII format and drawing mostly for Game Empire. His very dark style earned him the name, “Hellpower Kaneko.” He created posters for the movie “Party7” in 2000 and then began doing SIZO for magazines. Since 2000 he has been doing more and more types of work as his workload has increased. In 2004 he created the extremely popular poster series for the fighting opera “HUSTLE.” He is currently one of the most saught after illustrators in Japan, yet his motto remains, “Have as much fun in life as you can!” ...and his works certainly reflect that sentiment.
SHOWS Year of the Dragon
Patrick Fong was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. In 2003, he moved to New York City to study graphic design at Pratt Institute. Hungry for real life work experience, Fong dropped out of graduate design school and started working as an Art Director in the music business. He worked for both Sony Music and Atlantic Records creating album covers and music packaging for a variety of different music artists including Kid Rock, Diddy, John Legend, Cee-Lo, and Notorious BIG. His work is a combination of illustration and graphic design. Currently, he is living and working as a Creative Director at a Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, California.
SHOWS Year of the Dragon,An Ounce of Power
Rob-o studied illustration at University of the Arts in Philadelphia and then studied graphics at Hussian School of Art. While in school, Rob-o was freelancing in New York’s booming record and fashion industry. Being a child of the 80’s, he grew-up in the golden area of East Coast Graffiti. Surviving quite a few style battles, Rob-o quickly learned at a young age to always keep your skills sharp. To this day, Rob-o uses that same energy in a 20yr old professional career and in his grass roots art. Rob-o also likes to refer to himself as a Life Designer. He enjoys pulling inspiration from what’s around him everyday. Being in the present fashion trade, he has an overwhelming desire to bring back the craft men side of the industry and present it on every gallery wall around the world. To do that, he creates TesT studios, a platform where he can challenge himself and the profession. Not just with his talent, but with his subject matter. Rob-o’s passion is to interpret the unspoken stories of Black America’s dignified past. For him, these stories in their bare essence is about self endurance, solidarity, pride, undying passion and love. Some things all humans can relate too.
SHOWS Year of the Dragon
A graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York, Mars begins the creative process by preparing his surface with multiple layers of brown paper in order to define the edges and delineate the background planes of color. He then alternates layers of paint and vintage paper ephemera, sanding away portions of the layers as he works, revealing the desired portions of under painting with the overall intention to provide the viewer with a muted window into America’s past. Chronicling this fascination with 1950’s and 60’s iconography, Mars has produced a body of artwork from his studio in New York that celebrates the commonplace objects and icons of an America long past, in a thoroughly modern and exquisitely constructed manner. His eye for a distinct facet of American history is impeccable and his ability to manipulate the color and wordplay of vintage printed material has earned him reference with the likes of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Richard Diebenkorn among other masters from the School of Pop. Robert Mars’ artwork is exhibited worldwide including museum collections in Munich, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Paris, Aspen and Naples. His artwork has also been selected for the upcoming Absolut Vodka 2012 campaign alongside Damien Hirst and he was also recently commissioned by Oceania Cruise Lines to create site specific pieces for their newest cruise ship, the Marina.
SHOWS Year of the Dragon,Glades and Ragged Underwood
Born in NY, raised in Taiwan, and lived in Portland, OR for the last 12 years, Vivian Chen takes inspiration from a wide variety of cultures and people, with very different styles and ideas – from graffiti to manga to fine art, she is mesmerized by anything and everything beautiful and intriguing, and believes that inspirations come from absolutely everywhere when you are welling to look with openness and freedom of imagination.
SHOWS ,Nike Graphic Studio Art Show,Year of the Dragon
I was six years old, drawing at my grandparents’ house, when my Grandmom walked by and said, “Willie you’re always drawing those basketball guys...What are you going to do with them?” I paused for a few seconds and said, “I’m going to work for Nike.” Before she passed, I was able to thank her for inspiring me and always having a pen and paper waiting for me. Who are you inspiring?

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