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Adam R Garcia is The Pressure. Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Lettering, , The Dark Arts, Moebius Strips, Electrically Boogalooing, Prognostication, Motivational Speaking, "BRANDING," Etymology& Spelling Bees. PDX via PHILA via MPLS<3 /////+++++//////<3
SHOWS Special Characters
New York City, letters, graffiti and text all serve as sources of inspiration for Greg Lamarche. His collages incorporate found materials and a variety of commercially printed papers. The work plays with a profusion of font styles, word fragments and multiple layers and employs characteristics from graffiti such as repetition, bold colors, multiple perspectives and movement. Each unique work is created by hand cut paper collected over the years and blends the elements of graphic design and fine arts. Born and raised in New York, Greg Lamarche has been making collages since the sixth grade when he used fire works wrappers gathered from the schoolyard as material. He began writing graffiti in 1981 and published Skills magazine during the early 90s. He has worked both as a designer and artist since 2000. His work has been featured in numerous publications including, New York Times, Print, Juxtapoz, Modern Painters and Arkitip among others. His artwork has also been featured in several new books including Graffiti New York and Cutting Edges, Contemporary Collage as well as the soon to be released World Piecebook for which he created the cover graphics.
SHOWS Special Characters
Jessica Hische is a letterer and illustrator hailing from Brooklyn NY. You probably first stumbled upon her work because of Daily Drop Cap, a project in which she illustrated an illustrative initial cap almost every day for over a year. She first began drawing fancy letters in college but really refined her skills while working for Louise Fili Ltd. Her work has been featured in most major American design and illustration publications as well as a few overseas and she’s been named one of Print Magazine’s New Visual Artist (20 under 30) an ADC Young Guns and a GDUSAPerson to Watch. Aside from lettering, she’s also created several silly semi-educational internet projects such as
SHOWS Special Characters
Sean Barton is a painter originally from the Bay Area of California. He has traveled and made his home in Europe, Canada, and all over the United States. He presently lives and works in Seattle, Washington. His work is both two-dimensional and three-dimensional and encompasses his passion for surface, traditional sign painting, and our vanishing america. Sean has exhibited throughout the United States and most recently in Tokyo, Japan.

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