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Born 1980 in San Francisco, California, Aaron Nagel began drawing as a child and gradually made his way to painting. Upon discovering oils in his early twenties, he became enamored with the medium and has been obsessed ever since. Although he has had no formal training, he continues to relentlessly pursue a mastery of figurative surrealism from his home in Oakland, CA. Nagels' work explores the potential to create a new sort of iconography for the non-believer, with subtle commentary on the trappings of organized religion and theism.
SHOWS Special Characters,Dangerous Curves,Art of Music
Adam R Garcia is The Pressure. Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Lettering, , The Dark Arts, Moebius Strips, Electrically Boogalooing, Prognostication, Motivational Speaking, "BRANDING," Etymology& Spelling Bees. PDX via PHILA via MPLS<3 /////+++++//////<3
SHOWS Dangerous Curves,Desk Jazz
Allister Lee operates Studio B.I.B., a Toronto-based creative hub that specializes in consultation, branding, and graphic work for niche retail operations and apparel brands. He concurrently dedicates his time and craft to exploring and documenting his interests in Black Markers and international Chinatown districts.
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Berto Legendary H is an independent designer and artist based in Portland, OR. After attending Parsons School of Design in New York City he decided to move to Los Angeles where he has shown in galleries and build his network of clientele. He has been featured in Computer Arts Projects and numerous blogs about his art and typography. Berto also does mens fashion design and has been acclaimed by Vivienne Westwood and many others. He is known for setting trends, progressive designs and mixing of fabric textures.
SHOWS Dangerous Curves
Dan Gluibizzi makes figurative watercolors with posted images culled from a wide range of websites, online forums and blogs, especially Tumblr. The watercolors are traces of these searches through our endlessly increasing and churning mediated picture world. Dan Gluibizzi was raised in Pennsylvania and lives in Portland, Oregon. His work has been exhibited in Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York and in Portland at Ampersand Gallery and Fine Books.
SHOWS Dangerous Curves,Year of the Dragon
Dennis "Bagger43" Brown, born in the Philippines and raised in Japan, now resides in San Francisco. He draws inspiration from other artists & people, photography, design, fashion, 80’s cartoons, Japanese culture, materials, music, and irony.
SHOWS Dangerous Curves,Lazerz!
Jessica Raddatz, aka. "JesseHectic", grew up in the Pacific NW and currently lives and works in Portland. The "Rambo Tambo" series was born out of a project meant to reconnect with peoplethrough the dying art form of the hand written letter. It grew into a movement to start an all girl all tambourine band named "Rambo Tambo." Growing exponentially in size, the band will roguely bomb venues with a flash tambourine mob of women. Look out for a future "surprise" performance in a city near you.

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