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Hailing from New York, New York, Eugene Serebrennikov recently migrated to the left coast (for greener pastures and rainier skies). Before designing at Nike's graphic studio, he got his start designing album covers and gig posters for bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Phish, and Citizen Cope.
SHOWS Nike Graphic Studio Art Show,Blazer Mania 2,Year of the Dragon,Lazerz!
Born as a Kiwi, grew up in LA, relocated to Portland, design for Nike, burn toast for life.
SHOWS Blazer Mania 2
Jess Hirsch lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Minnesota. She grew up in rural Minnesota swimming until the lake froze over and making movies in the woods. Her work spans from delicate graphite drawing to large-scale sculpture. She is co-founder of Homeschool, a nomadic art gallery based in Portland Oregon, and co-creator of the Portland Healing Project, a healing workshop series and online resource for artists and low-income families to find affordable healthcare through alternative medicine. When Jess is not sharpening pencils, she rides her bike, takes her precious Boston Terrier to the park, and schemes how art can make life better.
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Julianna Swaney was born in Michigan and grew up playing outside with her dogs and cats, going on family vacations to historical sites, and visiting antique stores, all of which continue to be an influence on her work. She attended Maine College of Art and got her BFA in 2005. Since then she has shown her work in galleries around the country and had her illustrations in several magazines, including Martha Stewart Weddings, Uppercase, & Tin House, and did the illustrations of the book Menagerie by Sharon Montrose. She now lives in Portland, Oregon and continues to make a living from her artwork.
SHOWS Nike Graphic Studio Art Show,Blazer Mania 2,An Ounce of Power
WASHINGTON-->ALASKA-->TEXAS-->VIRGINIA-->MISSISSIPPI-->TEXAS-->GEORGIA-->OHIO-->NEW YORK-->MISSISSIPPI-->OREGON. Some where in there ranch hand, sailor, security at an airport, husband, worked at a rock magazine, home depot, fell off a cliff, went to the bottom of the world, screenprinter, designer. Not in that order. Dood I’m a designer born to procrastinate.
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:Nathan Gelgud starting making portraits when he drew a page full of 40 people with the initials J.C. for a friend with the initials J.C. Since then, he’s drawn a lot of portraits of people he likes and drawn lots of portraits for people to give to their loved ones. He also creates book-covers-as-original art and draws comics. He’s shown and sold work in both galleries and specialty shops in New York and elsewhere, and is a regular contributor to The Believer and the all-comics newspaper Smoke Signal. His blog, Take The Soda Free and Jet, derives its name from a De La Soul song.
SHOWS Blazer Mania,Blazer Mania 2
Ryan Bubnis’ clean yet chaotic style has been described as “urban folk.” Through his paintings, installations and design work, he comments on themes relating to the human condition. Vibrant, abstracted shapes and faces radiate joy and optimism while they float in and out of rich, multi-layered realms. Working intuitively he incorporates a range of mediums that include found objects, paper, wood, canvas, spray paint, acrylics, cel vinyl, sandpaper, pencil and India ink. He draws inspiration from life, graffiti, Saturday morning cartoons and outsider art from a variety of cultures. Born in California in 1975, he received his BFA in illustration from the Pacific Northwest College of Art where he now teaches a professional practices course to undergraduate students. His work has been shown extensively throughout the US, UK, Taiwan and Canada. He has been featured in publications such as Nintendo Power, Clout, Vapors and Juxtapoz magazines. Some of his clients include Kidrobot, Nike, Imperial Motion, Aleph Zero, The Portland Mercury, Willamette Week, Seattle Weekly, Hasbro, Threadless, Uncommon and 20th Century Fox. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.
SHOWS Blazer Mania 2
My name is Todd Walberg. I grew up drawing and making art right here in the greater Portland area. I have spent time working through multiple styles of painting over the years. Most recently I have been focusing on portraits. I often hope to find humor through art and believe my pieces frequently have a cartoony appearance. I also believe it is important to make a political/social statement through art. In these Trail Blazer paintings I am merely exhibiting my fanaticism. I began enjoying sports smack dab in the middle of the "Drexler Era" and have been attached to the red and black ever since. Through the Jail Blazer years and into this new post Roy era I find joy in rooting for the Portland Trail Blazers.
SHOWS Nike Graphic Studio Art Show,Blazer Mania 2,Lazerz!
Draw, bike, chill, tacos, beer, girls, paint, beats, skate, trees, brooklyn, watts, paris, japan, brazil, drums, movies, sex, patterns, friends, french fries, sake, sushi, peanut butter, bass lines, original, fonts, love, floral fabric, illustrator, photoshop, ink pens, water, beach, night life, street art, burgers, one hundred dollar bills, soccer, baseball, fun.
SHOWS Blazer Mania 2
Will Bryant is a freelance illustrator, maker, and collaboration enthusiast. He is constantly producing work that is light hearted and full of energy. Will has had the honor to collaborate with clients such as Ace Hotel, New York Times Magazine, Nike, Stussy, Good Magazine among others. He is currently an MFA student in studio practice at Portland State University as well as teaching adjunct in the design program. The goal is to gain experience through exploration, collaboration and critique. Eventually he aims to teach full time at the university level while maintaining a career as an illustrator, art director, and curator.

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