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Ashley Anson
Born and raised outside Missoula, Montana, Ashley Anson studied painting and textiles at the School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago before moving to Portland, Oregon, where she now lives and works. As an exploration of gender roles, Anson seeks to blend the traditionally male-dominated practice of painting with the customarily feminine mediums of embroidery and textiles. “Can you sense an artist’s gender in their work?” “What makes a painting have male or female attributes?” Both are questions she often asks herself in her approach to art. Violence and gore play a leading role in Anson’s subject matter, which takes inspiration from reality media like the show COPS and Busted magazine where criminals and deviants are celebrated. Her practice of conveying these violent, disturbing scenes with embroidery on a floral background works to create a compelling juxtaposition between stereotypical male and female visual queues.

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