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Mark Smith
SHOWS Year of the Dragon
mark smith product of the don & margit. spoke german first. cam & hools. cordoroy suits. loud guitars. eagle scout. 6b & rapidographs. tea with havasupai natives. flipflops. via de la valle surf. all in the eyes. the beatles. constant commentary from back of class. clay. acrylic. sculpey. multiple personalities. ozzy. monty python. froud & frazetta. bill hicks. carlin. fly, breast, back and free. bad tv. good movies. capote. buckminster fuller. samoyeds. england, germany, tallahassee, davis, denton, san diego, pasadena, portland. sneakers & tees. bass & keys. val, hayden & serena. retievers & rottweilers + a frenchy. clowns. old cars. drums. just visiting your planet. epitath will snicker, “i knew this would happen...”

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